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We registered for replacements traditional items like a full set of dishes and matching silverware. According to Kehrli, traditional choices usually include cookware, electric appliances such as stand mixers, blenders, waffle makers, coffee makers, cutlery and dinnerware, as well as linens for the bedroom and bathroom. Recently, she says, slow cookers and panini presses have also been especially popular choices. But with all the fabulous options out there, some couples can get overwhelmed. To help calm nerves and bring focus to the task, Kehrli recommends thinking about what you enjoy doing and how this applies to your future together. Key questions to consider are, Am I an avid cook? points out Kehrli. Am I a beginner with a passion to learn? Someone who loves to entertain? Focusing on your interests can help you determine what practical gifts are best suited to your needs. If you need a little more guidance, you can attend in-store bridal registry events, or meet with bridal sales associates who can provide detailed information on specific products and make recommendations. And if couples just dont need the more traditional items, they can always register for items that suit their needs and lifestyle at places like REI or Dicks. No matter what stores you select, Johnson-Medinger recommends looking into the system for registry before you commit. It is much easier if you can scan items rather than having to write them down, it is easier on your guests if there is an online purchasing option and you want to make sure the store offers a range of options appropriate for the income of your friends and family. In addition to registering, Johnson-Medinger and her fiance also created a personal Web site.

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